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Episode 11: Season One Review

In the last episode of our first season we reflect on our favorite beers this season while discussing, what we have planned for the future, thanking our listeners, and a very special episode of Archer.

Music for the show:

Evil Eye/ The Stranger Rides Tonight by Daddy Long Legs is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

Bottle of Beer by simon_mathewson is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

Show Notes:

Episode 10: Review

Hello everyone,

Welcome to 3 Beers In.

Welcome new listeners and to returning listeners, thanks for giving us a second chance.

I’m Ross and tonight for your listening pleasure we have Tony, Clint, Cutter, and Joel.

So tonight we have something different planned.

Every 10 episodes we want to take a look back at what we’ve had these past 9 episodes and pick our personal favorites.

But we’re all thirsty so let’s go ahead and crack these open.

1) Rentsch Weizenbock

  • Georgetown

  • Wheaty

  • Cloven Bananas

2) Hops and Grain Porter Culture

  • East 6th

  • Easy drinking for a porter

  • Nature’s fruit

3) Friends and Allies Fresh Coast IPA

  • Farther East

  • Refeshing

  • Hoppy without being too much

  • Tropical

4) Blue Owl Van Dayum! Sour Red Ale

  • East 6th

  • 0

  • Thin. Little taste. Not much sour.

  • Wanted more beer or more fruit.

  • Prefer Berliner Weisse

5) No Label Elda M Milk Stout

  • Katy

  • 0

  • Not a stout fan. Did not make me a fan.

  • Looking for something smooth and creamy but it was just overly bitter.

6) Live Oak Big Bark Vienna Lager

  • Colorado River, Aiirport

  • Smooth, easy to drink

  • Pleasing taste

  • Some monsterism

  • Toasty malts and low hops.

  • A delicious beer

7) Adelbert’s Dancin’ Monks Dubbel

  • Brewery District

  • Smooth

  • Belgian

  • Hard to drink on a full stomach

  • Filling. A little boozy.

  • Better on draft.

8) Celis White Witbeir

  • Brewery District

  • Easy Drinking, light

  • Hints of orange

  • Nice can

9) Whitestone Konverter Kolsch

  • Clear

  • Unbelievably clear

  • Crisp and light

  • Iconic beer

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